From the depths of the South comes BAD BREW...

Bad Brew 2A raucous bunch of boys bringing you some of the best music you’ve heard in ages. These guys are not for the weak of heart. When you get BAD BREW, you get some smoking rock and country from the 70’s through today. With the blazing duel guitar threat of Cody Chapman and Paul Thornton, the solid-as-a-rock bass guitar work of Barry Shelton, and the pulse pounding drum style of Brian Shrader, you’re guaranteed to get your good time on. So the next time you see the name BAD BREW, make plans to have your asses rocked off and join the party!

Coming soon to a dark room near you……BAD BREW!!!!!

Barry Shelton has been playing bass guitar for around 20 years, but can remember playing the spoons in bluegrass bands as a young boy. A short time later,


Barry learned to play the guitar, and then bass guitar. Barry’s first band experience was with a group called Crazy Diamond. Barry also played with Disturbing The Peace for several years before the name was changed to Monkey Finger. In the spring of 2011, Barry was approached by Charlie Mazac to play bass guitar for The Sidewinders. Barry has also played with The Bill Eastep Band, Johnny Collier, and Randy Hartsfield’s Dixie Mafia. Currently, Barry plays bass guitar in the pounding rhythm section of BAD BREW.


Paul Thornton claims he is "just an old squirrel trying to get a nut." He has been playing guitar since he's had fingers and has performed with more bands that you can count on yours. He spent most of his time with CC & Company, a band out of Wayne County, Tennessee. Classic rock is his drug of choice, followed closely by, what

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From his early childhood, Brian Shrader has been able to play the drums, which has developed into a lifelong passion for Brian Solomusic. He has played many styles of music with many different groups over the years. Starting with the band The Entertainers at around the age of 11, Brian played classic country music. Once in high school, he began playing drums for a southern rock band called Rebel Force, which only lasted for a couple of years. Next came the Top 40 pop band, Irotici, and Brian’s dream of making it as a professional musician. It was at this point that Brian began trying

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Cody Chapman's love of music began when he learned to play guitar with his grandfather at the age of 8. You could hear the sounds of Hank Williams as CODY 1well as many a blue grass tune when Paw-Paw came to play. By the time he reached his teens, Cody had discovered the sounds of the south and fell in love with Southern Rock; Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Molly Hatchet, and Blackfoot to name a few. While in high school, Cody competed in

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